Palm trees and offshoots
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A lot more in the variety pack than expected!

Variety Mixed Dates

These dates were so delicious and fresh! Not sure which is my favorite but maybe the Medjool!

Candy Fruit
Mrs. S R Morris Jr
Glazed Fruit

These are such a special treat for us! We love to see them but hate to see them go!
They are amazing!

SO Fresh

I grew up driving through here and getting date shakes, and I have been very much missing them ever since I moved out of state. I ordered a variety pack so i could make date shakes and it reminds me of home! They are very fresh and taste amazing

Greatly appreciated!

This was a gift for my brother who loves dates and he loved this variety assortment!

Mixed Variety Dates

Good tasty fresh dates highly recommended seller !!

Organic Noor Deglet Dates
Annette Caruthers
I sent these as a gift

Recipients were really enthusiastic about the dates!

Great Dates

These are the best dates. So delicious.

Amazing vinegar

I love this honey vinegar. It pairs so well with Meyer lemon olive oil for marinades!
Thanks for making this available for buying online!

Daniel B.
Great gift for friends or yourself.

Beautiful Baklava assortment package. Very impressive, great value and delicious.


Love this store!! Everything is fabulous and delicious

I love this oil!

I have been using this lemon olive oil for years but I moved away from Westmoreland area.
I'm so happy you provide options for shipping this.
I use for marinating meats( along with your vinegars)... yum.

Best seller of dates and awesome dates

Westmoreland dates have become staple for me. I order them often and I am so thrilled with the generous seller. May God bless you and keep selling excellent quality of dates.

Wonderful olive oils!

This was a gift for a relative who likes to cook with olive oils and she's been so happy with the results.

Simply wonderful!

These olive oils were a Valley gift for a relative and sd he loved them.

I am not happy with what received. I was suppose to receive Jumbo Medjool Dates but instead received the tiny ones which were dry. I have been your customer for sometime but will definitely quit. To retain a customer you got to maintain the standard.

Organic Alfalfa Honey
Delmis Flores

Best honey ever love the customer service.

Organic Yellow Barhi Dates (Seasonal)
jihad charabati

Organic Yellow Barhi Dates (Seasonal)

Organic Yellow Barhi Dates (Seasonal)

I purchased some locally & they were very hard as one reviewer described; However, the ones I received from DATE SHAKE were very good! They were In various stages of ripeness from yellow and a little hard to brown and soft. I liked that, so I can get a taste at each stage. I think that it was packed that way on purpose. The yellow ones can sit out and get ripe if they’re too hard; however, some folks may want to cook with it or eat it in the harder yellow stage. I was hoping to taste these last year; but, I missed my window. I’m very glad I caught it this time. Perhaps DATE SHAKE would consider email alerts to remind us what’s in season?

Organic Yellow Barhi Dates (Seasonal)
Cynthia Butler
Huge Disappointment!

The email was filled with words like “limited time and “only for September.” They came mid August and while they are similar to the picture they are hard and resemble a Chinese pear! What kind of date is hard??? Very unhappy with this vendor who had previously far exceeded my expectations with their Medjool product. I’ve asked for a refund and have had no follow up correspondence.


They are excellent, service is very prompt, and friendly staff